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Afrofuturistic Bloom: Georgia O'Keeffe Reimagined (2 of 100)

10 % of sales will go to creator

100.0 WMATIC ($ 52.2)

A celebration of diversity and a vision of the future, this limited series NFT art piece boldly reinterprets Georgia O'Keeffe's iconic floral art through the prism of Afrofuturism. In 'Afrofuturistic Bloom: Georgia O'Keeffe Reimagined', the first piece in a 100-part series, O'Keeffe's signature style is preserved yet transmuted - the traditional, organic contours of her flowers reimagined as futuristic structures that borrow from African aesthetics. Minted on the blockchain as an NFT, this digital artwork represents a momentous investment in cultural evolution and artistic innovation. As one of only a hundred, its rarity ensures its unique value in the world of digital art. Own this one-of-a-kind piece and be part of the vibrant amalgamation of tradition, diversity, and forward-thinking that it represents.

Minted 12 months ago
by @MarleyDigital